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Decorative glass 

As every home is unique, you need to find the style of decorative door glass that best compliments your home. Decorative door glass can add a unique and stylish touch to your home. Whether you are looking for something classic and timeless, or something more modern and contemporary, there is an option that will perfectly complement your home's style. With the right decorative door glass, you can make a statement with your entranceway while also increasing the value of your property. 


The stained & Patterned Glass collection is all about the beauty and style of glass in entry doors. With hundreds of stained and patterned glass designs in different shapes and sizes when the choice is that great, any homeowner can find something which suits and complements his or her house architecture in the best possible way.


Our collection has been developed to satisfy the most demanding and refined customer’s taste. Decorative stained glass inserts have an abundance of geometrical, abstract,  floral or classic designs to choose from. Enhance the aesthetics of your entrance and add more sunlight to your daily life by selecting the traditional handcrafted beauty - decorative stained glass inserts!


Our Stained & Patterned Glass collection includes versatile patterned glass inserts which provide an obscure view while allowing maximum light into your house. Such glass presented in a wide range of textures creates new design opportunities and provides excellent design solutions for contemporary-style entrances.


Door with Alys glass


Door with Chatham glass


Door with Bistro glass


Door with Kallima glass


Door with Kiara glass


Door with Bellochio glass


Door with Glacier glass


Door with Diamanti Classic glass


Door with Matisse glass


Door with Lisbon glass


Door with Nightingale glass


Door with San Francisco glass
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